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APIWorld 2016

There was a packed room at APIWorld 2016 last week, where I presented on a topic I feel that does not get discussed much.

Zohaib Zohaib Zohaib Zohaib

APIs are fast becoming the currency for integration and inventing new business models. Their adoption has been exponential and continues to grow. A lot of companies are gearing towards an “API first” approach to building new capabilities.

However, there is very little attention given to create API as a first class capability within an Enterprise. Most of the developers focus on getting the REST endpoints coded with some sort of microservice behind it powering them and think they are in business. Key concerns like Authentication and Authorization, what data to expose and not to expose, mature nomenclature for APIs, scaling, perimeter security, risk of exposing information etc are usually afterthoughts. After all, when we expose new APIs on the internet, we are increasing the security surface area. Key data and functionaltiy is now accessible to everyone that knows how to use a web browser.

In my talk, I focused on what makes APIs production ready and a mature capability for a business. More importantly:

  • What are APIs at the very core?
  • Common misconceptions about APIs
  • Fundamental types of APIs
  • What do APIs mean for Business?
  • Developers view of the World
  • Key concerns that need to be handled BEFORE you decide to publish your first set of APIs

Here is the slide deck from my presentation:

If you have any questions, send it in a tweet at my twitter handle “@zeebluejay” and mention “#APIWorld16” for context.

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